Hierarchy permissions

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Hierarchy permissions

Hy guys, I need a clarification or point me a right direction to find more information about permissions (I don't know if this term "permission" is the best approach).

So now I have my users, groups and linking between from ldap works fine.

What I want is a logical or physical separation and the Permissions defined hierarchy for example:







The group and users of Separation_C for instance can only see or edit documents that reside inside Separation_C (the same with Separation_D) but the user of Separation_A can see and edit documents above it. This is similar with a tree.

What is the best terms I can use for this or to find more information? And what a feature of Alfresco I can use for this? I read about the tenants but in my lection seems that it's not possible to create hierarchy tenant. Other option is Site? Or other feature?

Thanks advance.

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Re: Hierarchy permissions

Any idea?