Hook into share login process

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Hook into share login process

How do I get a hook into the share login process?  And by hook I mean a place I can add some java code.  The POST url on share is /share/page/dologin  But I cannot for the life of me find where that maps to.  Is it a webscript?  Java controller?  Where is this magical code?

I know it must authenticate against the ACS,  so where is that call made?  Where on the ACS side is that handled?

I tried adding a custom SlingshotLoginController that all it does is "Hello world" to the log file.  I placed it in  my org.alfresco.web.site.servlet  package in share.  I was under the impression that my custom class would then replace the default one like Alfreaco ACS does.

How do I override/customize java classes in Share?


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Re: Hook into share login process

This project could show you how to extend / replace the Share authentication piece:


It's using a CAS connector, but you can add your own code in that step.

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