How can I apply model to entire site?

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How can I apply model to entire site?

In fact, I know this could be done with "rules", but I can apply rules only to subdirectories, not the root directory of a site.

I know I did this in the past for an other site, but I can not find that definition either, I just get a message on subdirectories that they are inheriting.

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Re: How can I apply model to entire site?

First of all you might want to explain what you mean by "apply model to entire site". A model in Alfresco terms is a dictionary model of allowed types, aspects properties etc. and is always available globally within a tenant (if you don't use multi-tenancy, you still have a "system tenant" in which you work from a conceptual perspective).

Do you want to apply a specific type/aspect from a custom model to all documents of the site, along with some common/default metadata? If that is the use case and you only need to run it once, I would advise to check if the JavaScript Console could be used. Otherwise for continuous application based on events (new uploads), rules and behaviours (Java programming) are about the only default options.


Re: How can I apply model to entire site?


If I understand, you can apply rule on the root directory of a site, navigating via repository.

Browse Sites > yoursite,  and apply your rule (to apply a custom type for every document on creation for example) in documentLibrary folder. Once rule is created, you can even run it as an action from rule management, on the previoulsy created contents of a site.