How can I get only the uuid?

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How can I get only the uuid?

Hi everyone, this is my first question and I hope that can be resolved.

I have a Maven proyect using cmis, and i need to get a clean uuid, because i need to put it in a DTO Object

and only I get:

 "uuid": "[workspace://SpacesStore/6a8dbd45-26a5-4f66-944f-deb0696cde63;1.0]",

my code to check the uuid is 


Thanks in advice

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Re: How can I get only the uuid?

Which CMIS API / version are you using? With CMIS 1.1 Browser binding you should only get the UUID with the version suffix, not the whole NodeRef + version.

Anyway, it should be quite simple to just split the object ID on the client side to only extract the UUID, i.e. take antyhing between last '/' and first ';', between start and first ',' (if no '/' found), or entire object ID (if no '/' and no ';' found, i.e. in CMIS 1.1 object ID for a folder).