How can you upload a file via form

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How can you upload a file via form

I need help, a customer wants to use alfresco, but only if he can upload a file inside a form (Activiti embedded in share). He doesn't want to upload it in alfresco then use it in a workflow. He wants it to automatically upload the files in Alfresco when he submit the form when he puts it in the form. I searched for a solution for it but i didn't find it. I thought a html and JavaScript would solve my problem, but i don't know if it's possible to put it inside an Activiti form. Does anyone know a solution or could help me with this issue? (the client will use share as his interface)

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Re: How can you upload a file via form

You can go through the workflow tutorial here if you are new to alfresco embeded workflow:

But the forms doesn't provide upload file option, you would have to create a custom form to show upload option. 

Found this thread somewhat relevant (have not tried):

You can also refer this doc:


(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)