How configure the response of the CMIS atomPub 1.1 binding

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Member II

How configure the response of the CMIS atomPub 1.1 binding

I'm trying to retrieve documents from Alfresco 5.2 Enterprise edition using Apache chemistry client and the AtomPub 1.1 binding . The problem I'm seeing is that the atomPub document has incorrect URLs. For example, when querying https://hostSmiley Tongueort/alfresco/api/-default-/public/cmis/versions/1.1/atom:

AtomPub document example


   <cmisra:template>https://hostnameSmiley Tongueort/-default-/public/cmis/versions/1.1/atom/id?id={id}&amp;filter={filter}&amp;includeAllowableActions={includeAllowableActions}&amp;includeACL={includeACL}&amp;includePolicyIds={includePolicyIds}&amp;includeRelationships={includeRelationships}&amp;renditionFilter={renditionFilter}</cmisra:template>


The URL in the template is missing the path /alfresco/api. When I run the client program, the Chemistry client is loading that template and future requests will be  using that template to build requests, those requests will miss the path /alfresco/api too and the requests will fail. 


- Is this something we can change by configuring some property? the only relevant documentation I found was: and it's not related to the problem.

- Is there a way to configure the AtomPub xml document and change the URLs in it? 

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Member II

Re: How configure the response of the CMIS atomPub 1.1 binding

I found the solution, I had to add the following properties in the file:

opencmis.server.value=https://hostnameSmiley Tongueort/alfresco/api

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