How to add a Inherited group

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Member II

How to add a Inherited group

Does anyone know where to add the Editor group with Editor Role as Inherited Permissions? I would like to have the Editor Group with Editor Role assigned whenever a document is uploaded to the system. I see that the Everyone group is in the Inherited Permissions. I am using the Community Edition.


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Re: How to add a Inherited group

1. Log in to Share as Admin

2. Go to Repository

3. When you are looking at the document library that includes things like "Data Dictionary", click the root Repository folder. This takes you to the folder details for Company Home.

4. Click Manage Permissions

5. Click Add User Group

6. Search for the group you want to add

7. Click the role next to the group you just added to change the permissions to Editor

Member II

Re: How to add a Inherited group

Thanks Jeff

Following the directions worked great.

Only change was when I went to the Repository I hovered over the folder and using the menu on the right went to Manage Permissions and added Editor, changed Role to Editor.

Otherwise - your directions were spot on.

Thank you again!