How to add mime type

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How to add mime type

   I'm having data about 6GB in zip file i need to unzip in alfresco share when i try to unzip this data file it shows message "operation could not be success " 

When i checked log file it shows error that matadata extraction failed 

what should i do ?

Another thing i tried simple 300MB of zip data and it works 

Please Guide me



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Re: How to add mime type

I need more details , for example the full message of the error, but it's seem a problem with the size fo the zip, the first thing i come up in mind is to create a specific action and manage the extraction of the zip with java code.

The title "How to add mime type" is not a valid description for your problem.

Checkout this extension GitHub - atolcd/alfresco-share-import-export  maybe is the solution for your problem.