How to alter CSS files inside aikau-

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How to alter CSS files inside aikau-


I was working on translating Alfresco share to Arabic i.e to RTL format.

Now coming to the question, I've encountered a problem while altering the css files to support RTL. The problem was that some css files were situated inside aikau- file. Can anyone help me on how to alter these css files ? or Can I override these files somehow ?

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Re: How to alter CSS files inside aikau-

Hi, this channel is about ADF the Alfresco Angular framework : 

GitHub - Alfresco/alfresco-ng2-components: Alfresco Angular Components 

I will move your question on Content service. Next time you have any question around AIKAU please do it there.



Re: How to alter CSS files inside aikau-

You cannot override CSS files contained in the Aikau JAR. There are some aspects of the styling that use variables and can be overriden globally via the theme using CSS tokens. This is included in the documentation about adapting the theme. Of course you can also try to load additional, page-level / global CSS files and use more specific CSS rules to overrule some of the default styling rules.