How to audit viewing/READ of Share document PREVIEW

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How to audit viewing/READ of Share document PREVIEW


Is it possible to have views (page loads are Ok, although paging through the preview would be even better) of document previews be logged in the audit logs?  If possible, how to do it?

I have alfresco-access working.  I can see audit log entries when I log in, when I download a file, upload a file, etc.

For audit purposes, if someone views the share pdf preview but does not download the file, my configuration currently doesn't detect that.  I think I can see it in the log4j debug logs.  But not in the alfresco audit logs.  Has anyone done this before and has an already working audit application configuration?


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Re: How to audit viewing/READ of Share document PREVIEW

The only thing you can audit is the simple CONTENT_READ event (similar to a download of the original file) on the preview, but nothing relating to individual pages or which is safe from providing false information due to caching etc.

The preview document is loaded as binary data with potentially arbitrary segments which may not really correspond 1:1 to pages. Also, once loaded/cached on the client, there will be no further requests to the backend which could be audited. You would have to develop a completely custom previewer / customisation to the default previewer(s) in order to explicitly send auditable requests / events back to the Repository.