How to check the status of search engine .

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How to check the status of search engine .

My search is sometime not working. So i want to check the status of the search index that it is working or not. So is there any command or way to check that the search engine or search index is working or not. Is any way to check the status of search index.

I hope that the forum will help me in achieving the solution.

Thanks in advance.




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Re: How to check the status of search engine .

You can start accessing Solr Web Admin Console.

Also take a look at

Hyland Developer Evangelist
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Re: How to check the status of search engine .

Thanks for the response

Can u tell that is there anything like start the search index stop the search index like this. Or checking the current status of the search index or search engine.

Once again thanks Angelborroy.


Re: How to check the status of search engine .

I'd like to revive this thread as I am looking to solve this problem. The issue that I have is that just becuase the solr engine is running does not mean that the connection from the repository to the solr engine is good.

Whenever the solr container restarts, I have found that the repository can no longer run any searches, even though solr is running fine. I have to reboot the alfresco repository everytime solr restarts. The annoying thing is that the repo still returns OK from the health check even though a critical service is down. I am now trying to improve the health check to include confirming that the search service is working from within the repo.

I wrote a custom "health-check"webscript to do a search but that is not great because it requires a login. I am looking for a way to test the search system without authenticating to the web script.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Re: How to check the status of search engine .

Hi Chris,

It has been a while since we've talked, I hope you are well.

Write an Alfresco scheduled job that does a search for something you know exists. Your Alfresco scheduled job would be written in Java and would leverage the foundational API so authentication won't be an issue. If the search fails it could send an email.

If you don't want to compile Java code and deploy it into the Alfresco process, what about writing a script that hits the SOLR server. Just like what happens when Alfresco makes a request, SOLR will ask for a client certificate. Your script could present that.

Also, you could set up your web script to not require authentication. You can use "runas" to make it run as whatever user you want and then just invoke it. Webscripts that use runas must be deployed to the classpath, not to the data dictionary.

I'm also curious as to why a restart of SOLR would require a restart of ACS. I've never seen that before. If you haven't already, you ought to consider splitting SOLR off of the main server onto its own separate machine.

Hope some of those ideas are actionable for you,