How to configure Alfresco inbound emailing?

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How to configure Alfresco inbound emailing?

Hi, Alfresco community!

I have Alfresco Community Edition 5 installed on a local machine, which is connected  to server using proxy. I made all configurations in and created user and proper folder, but still don't get message to Alfresco and all emails are bounced back with such errors:

  1. Remote Server returned '< #5.7.1 smtp;550 5.7.1 Unable to relay>'
  2. Remote Server returned '< #5.4.0>'

When I send email from Mozilla Thunderbird directly to Alfresco everything is OK and I get an email into folder with alias. To configure everything with Thubderbird I used this article:

But when I send an email from Outlook client on the same machine, through our company server, it bounces back with mistakes.

I assume that the problem is that Alfresco is installed on the local machine, not on the server, or that server doesn't let email to get through, but our admin said that our email server gets message, but it doen't go anywhere further.

How can I point email through server directly to a specific machine with alfresco, if it's possible at all? Adding machine's name to domain name doesn't help.

Another question is if there such possibility to work directly with existing email through pop/imap protocols, with authorization support?

Any help will be extremely appreciated!!!

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Re: How to configure Alfresco inbound emailing?

You have to declare an MX record for your Alfresco Server. 

Hyland Developer Evangelist