How to delete parent changed nodes?

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How to delete parent changed nodes?


due to redisign, all nodes of certain type became obsolete and needed to be deleted.

I followed already succesfully tried method of deleting via node services, but this time something went wrong.

I was able to delete a great deal of them, but many refused to be deleted with error message:

Node parent changed while hierarchy was being examined: (183767, workspace://SpacesStore/cf33b7d5-0eeb-11de-bc8d-bdb30b043ba4)

I tried to reindex, hoping error will go away, but the error is persistent.

Is it possible to "heal" somehow those nodes to delete them eventually?

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Re: How to delete parent changed nodes?

I've found out what's wrong with such nodes, they have more than one parent.

The question now is: is there a remedy, can you detach those redundant parents?