How to edit Alfresco?

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How to edit Alfresco?

Hi everyone,

I am a new user of Alfresco and I do not know how to modify the interface as I want.
I understand that editing the interface and functionality on Alfresco will need to change the source code in Eclipse.

As the image below, I want to add a new button. Please give me the link to the document or just the steps so I can add a new button.

Thank you very much!



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Re: How to edit Alfresco?

Let me clear a few things before guiding you ahead.

As you already know that adding button/changing interface asks for the customization to alfresco code.

There are not straightforward steps to change the alfresco interface as it may differ requirements by requirements. However, if you have a programming background and you want to learn the Alfresco development you can start it by learning it through the following link which is well documented by the Alfresco for new learners like you.




Kintu | ContCentric
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Re: How to edit Alfresco?

What helped me alot getting started making custom workflows was Jeff Potts excellent tutorials on customizing alfresco in different ways. Now, I don't know what version of alfresco you're using, but I'm using version 5.2, to which this tutorial helped me alot:

Should help you get started at least Smiley Happy To me they helped alot more than the documentation site.

I haven't worked with Alfresco 6.x, but someone more experienced than me can probably give you a quick summary of what's been changed...? 

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Re: How to edit Alfresco?

Hi kintu_barot,

Thank you so much, I will learn it now.

You are a wonderful person.

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Re: How to edit Alfresco?

Hi henrikr,

Thank you for your interest in the problem I'm having.

Coincidentally I am using the same version as you. The documents you provided is amazing.

I look forward to receiving your help in the future.

Thank you very much!

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Re: How to edit Alfresco?


I use Activiti and have successfully created a new workflow.

In a new workflow, I received a request is a confirm message box asking for YES(Perform send back and display change to dashboard) or NO(display change to dashboard) in the workflow form upon clicking the "Reject".

So kindly anyone suggest me the way how to give that extra functionality to "Reject" button.

Thanks in Advance!!!


Re: How to edit Alfresco?

Thanks for mentioning my tutorials. Note that the published version (and the master branch in source code) is for use with 5.2, but there is a branch that works with 6.x for anyone that needs it. I'm in the process of making sure all of that code works with the latest 6.1 release. Once it does I'll likely merge the 6.x branch into master. The 5.2 compatible tutorial and source will still be there for those that need it.


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Re: How to edit Alfresco?

Hi jpotts,

I have read this article of yours, it is very interesting and useful.

And I have encountered a problem as below:

When I add custom transitions( same image below) I want to show popup confirm when click? Please help me!

I did learn about Alfresco.util.PopupManager and and added the "onClick" function in "/components/form/workflow/activiti-transitions.js" but not working.