How to extend alfresco-template.ftl

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How to extend alfresco-template.ftl

I need to add SiteAdmin authentication and hence need to extend the alfresco-template.ftl file. It is present in target/share-war/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/templates/org/alfresco/include/alfresco-template.ftl . How to extend it. Below is the code snip where I want to add authentication for site-admin. 

<#if page?? && (page.authentication="user" || page.authentication="admin")>
url: Alfresco.constants.URL_CONTEXT + "service/modules/authenticated?noCache=" + new Date().getTime() + "&a=${page.authentication?html}"

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Re: How to extend alfresco-template.ftl

You can try extension module to override existing resources.






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