How to extract document UUID using WebDAV protocol

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How to extract document UUID using WebDAV protocol


I'm trying to create a file interface to Alfresco repository using WebDAV interface.

I have managed to list directories or upload files, but I don't know how to perform listing or downloading of individual files because Alfresco uses UUID instead of filename in the URL of individual files (i.e. https://<host>/share/page/site/<site_name>/document-details?nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/1552c1ed-d744-42c2-b8e3-8eb7b7284474)

When I upload a file using WebDAV, I don't get any return value (comparing to using CMIS protocol where you get the document UUID). So I have two questions:

- 1. is there a way using WebDAV to obtain the document UUID (by knowing the physical path) ?

- 2. if not, is there a way to reference a file in Alfresco using filename instead of UUID?





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Re: How to extract document UUID using WebDAV protocol


I think I don't understand very well your idea and how are you going to develop it but here it is your anwers:

1. As far I as know: it's not possible.

2. Depend how are you developing your program and which API are you using. For example, in CMIS you can use CMIS Document object, you can call getPaths().

If you can explain us deeply how are you developing your solution, maybe we can tell you exactly what do you need.


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Re: How to extract document UUID using WebDAV protocol

Hi, thanks for your quick reply.

Actually I was using CMIS interface which seemed to provide everything we need, until we upgraded Alfresco Community Server to version 6.2 and our CMIS interface is not working anymore (I reported the error in this post:, but no replies yet).

As an workaround, I noticed our Alfresco server also supports WebDAV protocol so I made some quick tests where I managed to upload files and list directories, but then got stuck again at limitations caused by not being able to retrieve the UUID of individual files or folders.

The ideal scenario for us is to fix the CMIS issue, otherwise I will have to lookup up other APIs but that will take a lot of time.