How to have alfresco share ?

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How to have alfresco share ?

Hi !

I just install alfresco community on my debian and i don't know how it work.

I don't have a really good visual like on youtube about community version.

Look on this picture, if you can help me.

The picture with a website which didn't work is about alfresco share

PS : Sorry for my english i'm french Smiley Happy

Thank a lot

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Re: How to have alfresco share ?

How did you install Alfresco? 

Which installer or zip you have used?

It seems you have installed only Alfresco platform services.




Kintu | ContCentric
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Re: How to have alfresco share ?

The quickest and simplest way to run test copy of Alfresco is docker-compose.

  1. Make ubuntu virtual machine at last 8 GB RAM
  2. Install Docker
  3. Install Docker-Compose
  4. Download docker-compose.yml file.
  5. Run Alfresco by:

      $ sudo docker-compose up

p.s. it's the latest 6.1 version