How to install ACS 6.1 in local using distribution zip?

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How to install ACS 6.1 in local using distribution zip?


I am trying to install ACS 6.1 in my local windows 10 machine using this link.

Installing using distribution zip | Alfresco Documentation 

I don't find any information for configuring new DB for this installation. I tried using Postgres and MySQL DB both for this installation. However, I am getting errors on startup as server is not able to create DBs and Tables. It looks like DB scripts are missing somehow in distribution zip. I tried using my existing ACS 5.2's DB. I copied alf_data of current versions to this newer one. 
Still ACS 6.1 server is not able to start. Logs gets stuck at one point and not moving forward.

What I am missing here? What could be the reason? How can I install ACS 6.1 in tomcat? Requesting Alfresco to provide more clear steps on DB Configurations.

I have attached folder structure for this.


Jigir Shah

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Re: How to install ACS 6.1 in local using distribution zip?

The installation of Alfresco 6.1 using distribution ZIP works exactly the same as it has worked for years with Alfresco 5.x and 6.x. The necessary DB scripts are always part of Alfresco (actually contained in the web application, which is the same for distribution ZIP as for Docker-based setup). Have you checked the configuring databases documentation page (as well as the DB vendor's documentations)?

Be aware that Alfresco 6.1 startup will hang on the start of the messaging subsystem if you have not set up a messaging queue. The documentation has not been updated yet to make this required dependency clear - though you can disable messaging startup via the global property messaging.subsystem.autoStart=false

As with regards to any issues with DBs / tables not being able to be created or startup to hang at some point: No one in the community can help you unless you provide some specific logs / error messages.


Re: How to install ACS 6.1 in local using distribution zip?

Hi there,

The scripts in the Alfresco distribution will only create the tables - you need to have created a DB schema manually prior to launching Alfresco. It worked for me using MySQL - I created a new DB schema and a user account, gave the user admin privileges on the schema then made sure the username, password and db name were all added to before starting Alfresco.

As Axel, mentions, there may be some DB specific settings that you need to follow when creating the database and configuring the JDBC connection - it depends which DB vendor your choose.

Hope this helps