How to install Alfresco CMS Community Edition on WebLogic 12.2

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How to install Alfresco CMS Community Edition on WebLogic 12.2


I am assigned to the task of installing Alfresco Community Edition v5.2 on WebLogic 12.2 and Oracle database 11gR2.

Here: Installing Alfresco Content Services on WebLogic | Alfresco Documentation it mentions that i will have to start by downloading an alfresco-content-services.ear. Where can i get this file for the Community Edition?

From Alfresco Community Edition 201707 GA file list I have downloaded, but i cannot find an ear file inside, only alfresco.war and share.war.

Can i use them? Is this the right approach?

Here: alfresco with weblogic 12c  a guy has tried this with Alfresco v4.2, where did he get the ear file?

Or should I try to build the ear file myself following this article: GitHub  ? Is this even possible?

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Re: How to install Alfresco CMS Community Edition on WebLogic 12.2

Alfresco does not provide EAR files for Community as WebLogic deployment is not supported for Community Edition. Alfresco 5.2 was also the last version were Alfresco provided EAR files for Alfresco Enterprise, as Alfresco also no longer supports deployment on WebLogic for its Enterprise Edition starting with Alfresco 6.0.

If you want to deploy Alfresco as an EAR file on WebLogic, you'll have to create the EAR file yourself from either source or from the WAR file.

You can also forget about making Alfresco Community Edition work with Oracle 11gR2. Community Edition does not contain any ORM support for Oracle, nor any scripts for initialising / upgrading the database.

Stick to Tomcat/Docker and PostgreSQL / MySQL / MariaDB for Community Edition, OR convince your organisation to buy Alfresco Enterprise Edition if Oracle is a must-have.