How to intall ACS 7.0

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How to intall ACS 7.0

I see in the forum tag editor, the "ACS 7.0" tag and the "Community 7.0" tag...

Googling for Alfresco Install, it keeps finding the link to the 6.2 GA version...



  • where can I found the installation file,
  • and HOW to proceed with intallation (I believe there will non trivial changes between 6.2 and 7.0)
  • Is there a scheduled realese date for the RC & GA  of 7.0 ?

Thanks in advance



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Re: How to intall ACS 7.0

The Community 7.0 tag probably is in preparation of the eventual release of Alfresco 7.0, but this has not yet occurred. There also are no details yet on almost anything related to Alfresco 7.0, including release dates or upgrade considerations.

Alfresco Employee

Re: How to intall ACS 7.0

Hi @Giuliano 

@afaust is correct - I've added the tags in anticipation of the release. A bit premature on my part I'm afraid. However, it is coming soon - promise!


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