How to run this script in windows

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How to run this script in windows


i want to install the records management into alfresco and i didnt know how to run this script in windows, i made a compy and past in the prompt cmd but it didn't work .

thanks in advance.

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Re: How to run this script in windows

This should work. You have to call it from the directory where alfresco is installed and make shure that you use (if you installed alfresco including java) the java package that is provided by the installer - i.e. E:\alfresco\java\bin\java

You could also check the apply_amps.bat file, that should reside in alfresco/bin

Also check the compatbility of the records management and alfresco Version that you are using. There was an issue with Alfresco 5.2 and the RM... maybe it's already resolved.

If this has to do with your question "can this be done with alfresco" - you won't need RM for this...

But as I see, you also posted this in the French user group and ‌ already answered your question.