How to set cache control on OOTB web scripts

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How to set cache control on OOTB web scripts

Hi Team,

I want to set "Cache-Control: no-cache,no-store,must-revalidate", by default value is "Cache-Control: no-cache".

As per Descriptor cache controls  able to set cache control on custom web script.

I have updated Cache-Control values in tomcat\webapps\manager\WEB-INF\jsp\sessionDetail.jsp and sessionsList.jsp file but no luck.

What are the configuration changes are required for OOTB web scripts?


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Re: How to set cache control on OOTB web scripts

You may be confusing some things here. Any changes in the Tomcat Manager application - not to mention its session-related JSPs - won't have any impact on web script cache controls.

There is also no global configuration for cache control for ALL web scripts which may be contained in an Alfresco system. Each web script provides its own descriptor and thus potentially its own cache control configuration (i.e. Most web scripts don't and rely on the prommatic default state (, which cannot be changed without re-compiling that specific library (in the correct version for your Alfresco system).