How to synchronize locally deleted AD groups

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How to synchronize locally deleted AD groups


I have successfully loaded users and groups from active directory. Unfortunately, they were not interconnected (wrong type of subsystem, "LDAP" instead of "LDAP-AD"). I fixed configuration and restart alfresco, one new group was loaded with users, but the others were not updated (still no users).I deleted them manully (using share) and hoped that they would be reloaded/recreated during the Alfresco restart. Unfortunately it did not happen.

Can I somehow recreate/synchronize deleted groups? (they still exist in AD)

Thank you.

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Re: How to synchronize locally deleted AD groups


Set synchronization.allowDeletions to true, restart and check the results.


Specifies if deletion of local users and groups is allowed. 
See the information about Synchronization deletion and Collision resolution
for the circumstances under which this can happen. The default is true. If false,
then no sync job will be allowed to delete users or groups during the handling of removals
or collision resolution.


More info.


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