How to update a Content Model in use

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How to update a Content Model in use

Hi all,

i created a custom model type using the "Model Manager" in Alfresco 7.0 Community Edition. After the creation of the model, I downloaded the zip file to set the tokenized property=true. Then i reuploaded the zip file model and now it is in use and a related "custom search" has been developed and everything is working well.


Sometimes may occur to update a content model (in use) by adding some new properties which needs to be tokenizible too. So I cannot deactivate the "in use" model. Which is the best procedure to update?


Any help is appreciated,




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Re: How to update a Content Model in use

Model Manager is a tool usually for BA's and learners to play around with content modeling. It is not a recommended approach to define the model to be used in production as it has its own limitations. 

For incremental changes (as a better practice), you also need to update the model version that is part of the content model and redeploy. See example:

Same way, an active model can't be edited/updated. You have to deactivate in order to update it.

The recommended approach for regular development is to use content model bootstrapping. Take a look at this doc:

With boostrapping approach you can re-deploy the updated model from backend (there may be a down time depending on your setup). Note that any boostrapped models are not visible in model manager. 



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Re: How to update a Content Model in use

Thanks Abhinav, I will try your solution