hundreds of "Idle in transaction" queries (SELECT 1)

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hundreds of "Idle in transaction" queries (SELECT 1)


We run a Alf CE 5.2.g with about 100 users for collaborative purposes. After some hours of usage we see an accumulation of queries (SELECT 1) in "idle in transaction" state, never commited. This fill up the connection pool and finally crash the server.

These queries are used for connection keep alive. Why are they never commited ?

Did somebody face similar issues ? We use script rules intensively, maybe it could have an impact ? 

Should we enable the "db.pool.evict.interval" param ? (if this apply to "idle in trx" queries....)



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Re: hundreds of "Idle in transaction" queries (SELECT 1)

Which DB type and version are you running - I assume one of PostegreSQL or MySQL ?

Can you please post your other db.pool settings ?

What is the max connections set within the DB ?