Import from excel to Datalist how?

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Import from excel to Datalist how?


after I success create few datalist in alfresco with much help of guys from ContCentric, now interesting me how I can import excel sheets in datalist?  Any idea?

I have about 200-1000 rows to prescribe in one table, C/P one by one. I have about 10 tables. Every table have 5-10 colums.



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Re: Import from excel to Datalist how?

I'm afraid there is no such function available as far as I know.
I think you can customize a java backed webscript to implement your requirement.
Your java class can inherit from org.alfresco.repo.web.scripts.DeclarativeSpreadsheetWebScript,and you can use webscript /slingshot/datalists/list/site/{site}/{container}/{list} as an example on how to implement it.


Re: Import from excel to Datalist how?

I would use Groovy, Python, or Java to do this. All of those languages have good libraries for parsing CSV files, which can easily be created from a spreadsheet. And they all work well with CMIS which can create data lists and data list items.

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Re: Import from excel to Datalist how?

Hi Tomo,

Please look at this documentation that provide a way through alfresco JAVA API to put value in the datalist. You can modify the input to excel/csv file for your case and as suggested by Jeff Potts parse the csv and then insert the value in the datalist.

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Re: Import from excel to Datalist how?


Just to add to the other answers, you can take a look at this ootb funcionality Uploading multiple users | Alfresco Documentation 

This is used to import users from a csv file.

I believe that can be a good source of ideas. Try to identify how it was implemented and use it as a starting point.