In retention schedule 'Destroy' step is not working - AGS

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In retention schedule 'Destroy' step is not working - AGS

I have installed AGS module on ACS 6.2 (Enterprise).

Configured the retention schedule as following:

1. Setup the rule on the ACS site folder to file records as soon as they arrive in the folder. (working)

2. Created the categories and folder structure as per the requirement on the RM site and configured the rule on the category to mark the record as complete as it arrives in RM site. (working)

3. Configured the retention schedule: to test

           a. Cut off - Immediately (working)

           b. Destroy - Immediately (Not working)

When the retention schedule gets executed, the 'Cut off' step works well but it doesn't perform the 'Destroy' step.

The documentation says that the 'Destroy' step can be performed manually or it can be automated using the rules.

Documentation Reference:

My question is, if there is an option to select the 'Destroy' step as a part of the retention schedule then why it is not being exectued. If according to the documentation it can only be performed manually or can be automated using only rules then the retention schedule configuration should not allow the 'Destroy' step as a part of it.

Is this a bug in AGS?

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Re: In retention schedule 'Destroy' step is not working - AGS

Hi @kintu_barot

I have the same issue with RM version 2.7.b on ACS 5.2 community. Have you resolve this issue?

Does the destroy step is executed manually (by rule) or automatically by retention schedule step?