Inbound Mail - adress matching

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Inbound Mail - adress matching

when sending mails to alfresco, alfresco matches the Email adress of the sender to an adress of an alfresco user. If no user ist found, than an error "nouser" is not in the group of email_contributors. The problem is, that matching is strict (case sensitive), which means that if the sender adress is it will not match against (which is the mail adress of an existing Alfresco user) and an error is thrown.

Is there a way to configure the matching process, i.e. that the mail adress is first transformed to lowercase? Or has this always to be case sensitive?

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Re: Inbound Mail - adress matching

I hope you have set all the following properties in


You also will have to add an email alias aspect on the folder where you want to receive the email.

This has worked well for me.


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Re: Inbound Mail - adress matching

Hi @uwe_wolfinger,

If I understand your issue correctly, you can setup Alfresco to do people lookups case-insensitive. Then, in this thread it's suggested that username/email should be lowercase by default.


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Re: Inbound Mail - adress matching

unfortunately this doesn't hit my problem exactly.

Let me giv an example:

Assuming an Alfresco User:

Name: John Doe


Within Alfresco, inbound email is setup correclty and works, also the email alias is set.

When Alfresco receives a mail with:


then Alfresco will reject that mail, as the mail address (to address) does not match (mail of the Alfresco user).

So it seems, that the comparison between the addresses is done case sensitive. The question is, if there is a point, where this can be configured to work in a case insensitive way.