Inbound mail Alfresco Dashboard

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Inbound mail Alfresco Dashboard


I want to manage my inbound emails in Alfresco's dashboard the same way demonstrated in the next picture or more detailed in this video

Correspondence Management for Alfresco - YouTube - Google Chrome.jpg

How can I do that?

I'm using Alfresco 6.1 community.

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Re: Inbound mail Alfresco Dashboard

Hi @imanez1,

This is possible but there would be a lot of work involved to get the UI experience just right. 

Alfresco does support inbound email - documentation A lot of configuration needs to be done on the repository, which will handle the inbound emails, extract attachments and stuff. Here is a good overview video  of what needs to be done. Then you may need to add custom transformers to be able to preview the messages. Then you will need to code the UI - whether you do it in Share or ACA/ADF will be a question for you to resolve.


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