Indquiry on Alfresco capabilities

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Indquiry on Alfresco capabilities

I'm a complete dummy on Alfresco and I'm sorry if my questions are not correctly addressed.


We would like to set-up a system that is able to manage our documentation (technical and administrative - mainly processes) and the knowledge (mainly technical documentation).

The documentation management is quite simple and easy to use, so no issue on that^.

On the knowledge management, we have tried the wiki, but iti seems quite primitive to us.

We are trying to have different features to help navigating on the pages:

  • menu on the left or embedded
  • multi area clickage pictures
  • layout with multiple column followed by single colum, with the text on the multi columns flowing smoothly.

I probably miss a lot of the features, so if you have some hints to help us solve those itmes, it would be gratly appreciated.