inherit permissions on different sites

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inherit permissions on different sites

Hi all,

Recently i've installed Alfresco Record Mangens and i noticed that alfresco record mangens has a different structure of permissions from a normal collaboration site, as described below:

For the Record Mangment site, we have the following permissions:
· Reading;
· Reading and archiving.
For the collaboration site we have the following permissions:
· Manager;
· Collaborator;
· Contributor and
· Consumer.

I wanted to know if there is a way to configure that any user who is declaring the document as an archivist on the collaboration site, continue to have access to the document in the file plan automatically and as far as I know, alfresco only allows inheriting permissions only from the same website.

Im using Alfresco Comunity 5.2 and Record Managments Comunity 2.7.b

I appreciate your help.
thank you

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Re: inherit permissions on different sites

When using Records Management and talking about permissions / inheritance, you have to forget almost everything you know from "regular" Alfresco sites. Records Management has its own weird permission / capabilities mechanism which sits on top of the regular permissions and sort of supersedes / hi-jacks some of the core evaluations / rules as well.

There is no way that I know of with which you could achieve your requested functionality without messing with some core components / code of Records Management itself - which in itself is not advisable / beneficial for anyone's sanity.

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Re: inherit permissions on different sites

... and it's a pitty that Alfresco (John?) implemented this permission handling and behavior outside alfresco core since there are implemented concepts we would like to use outside of RM and vice versa. Looks like somebody took the code from somewhere else ( and made it somehow working inside this module without breaking the rest of alfresco but making a lot of other customizations unusable.
My experience with RM is: you could only use it as it is and only use it on a vanilla standalone system. Love it or leave it.