Installation on Digital Ocean

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Installation on Digital Ocean


I would like to know if there is any step by step guide to install Alfresco ECM on digital ocean droplet similar to this pattern


via a specific docker alfresco image.

That would help me a lot!


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Re: Installation on Digital Ocean

  1. Install Alfresco docker installer on any linux machine. Create the Docker Compose project with your requerenments. You will get the folder with all required for docker compose project.
  2. Create the Digital Ocean docker droplet.
  3. Copy the docker compose project folder into the droplet.
  4. Create the folders for persistant volumes. It is easy to make it by script. Insatller (step 1) will ask you "Do you want to get the script to create host volumes? (y/N)". Answer YES.
  5. Start Docker Compose project.

The documentation is here Install using Docker Compose and here Alfresco docker installer 

Good luck,

Serge F.