Integrate Alfresco Community with Keycloak

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Integrate Alfresco Community with Keycloak

Hi, my company intends to deploy Keycloak as a central IAM server for all in-house apps. If any one know how to integrate Keycloak with Alfresco Community (we are using 201707 version), please share your advice. Many thanks in advance. 

 More technically, Keycloak support OpenID (extension of OAuth 2.0) and SAML 2.0. It's ideal for me if Alfresco Community supports such standards.

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Re: Integrate Alfresco Community with Keycloak

If you would upgrade to Alfresco 6 (GA versions of 2018 and later), you would have general authentication support for Keycloak in Alfresco Repository out-of-the-box (under the phrase "identity-service"), and ADF clients could work with this. Alfresco Share at this point does not contain support for Keycloak / AIS yet.

Of course you can always use a proxy-based authentication approach like described in this blog post.