Is Alfresco a good alternative to Hyland OnBase?

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Is Alfresco a good alternative to Hyland OnBase?

Hello All,

I hope everyone is doing well and safe. I am writing this post to get your advice on whether Alfresco Community Edition will be a good alternative to the Hyland OnBase Document management system. The company I work for uses OnBase. It is really wonderful software but the cost to keep it operational is getting out of our hands. Currently, we pay almost $40,000 a year for the maintenance of OnBase. I was looking for an open-source alternative of OnBase which can save us that $40,000 and can also provide similar services and features that OnBase does. I would like to know what other System Admins think about Alfresco and is it worth it to spend time on it. Also, does anyone know any better Document Management System which is open source and free to use?

Thank you! Stay Safe!

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Re: Is Alfresco a good alternative to Hyland OnBase?


We'd recommend you have a look at the differences more in terms of outcomes as your company needs and not solely based on costs. There are numerous ways Alfresco's platform is the evolution to a newer ECM and extensible solution for many of our customers. Whilst doing your review, think about the cost of churn to your company, retraining end-users and any potential disruption a move could make as some of the measures.

We have published a chart explaining the differences of Alfresco Community and Alfresco Content Services at which we hope could be helpful to you.

We would recommend you have a conversation with your CSM or Account Exec to discuss what might be right for your needs.

Steve Blair
Sr. Director of Alfresco Nuxeo Business Unit
Hyland Software