Is Alfresco CE conform to GoDB (GDPdU)?

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Is Alfresco CE conform to GoDB (GDPdU)?

We (midsize company with 5 employ. in Backoffice) plan to integrate Alfresco in our IT. An Alfresco EE subscription for about 30.000 Euro/anno is too expensive for us, so Alfresco CE is more interesting for us...

Preliminary function should be: Save Incoming (electronic) Invoices accordant to GoDB (GDPdU). Is Alfresco CE conform with this standard?


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Re: Is Alfresco CE conform to GoDB (GDPdU)?

Alfresco by default does not provide any special support for these German rule sets. Using standard Alfresco customisation / development practices, a system supporting a compliant process can be implemented. Since Alfresco is only a content services platform, it cannot alone deal with all aspects of GoDB without a proper accounting system. Generally, Alfresco acts in support of such a system, "only" storing linked file records and metadata sufficient for both electronic processing and internal / external auditing, as well as ensuring immutability and validity of records after filing.