Is there a plugin to Alfresco?

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Is there a plugin to Alfresco?

Hello All,

I have question i.e. Is there a plugin to Alfresco which can be used in Qlikview?

I need to know how to build data extractions from a repository of Alfresco using virtual filesystem and an sql database of your choice. how can matching oledb or odbc driver to connect to the sql database by using Qlikview Tool

Can you plzz give me an answer!


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Re: Is there a plugin to Alfresco?


You can use REST APIs / Webdev to fetch documents and its metadata from Alfresco.

As far as I know, there is no readymade add-on/plugin available for qlickview.

Can you please be specific about what you want to do?

or you can refer Alfresco Documentation | Alfresco Documentation for more information about Alfresco.