Is upgrading Alfresco 2.1 even possible?

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Is upgrading Alfresco 2.1 even possible?

Hi everyone.

I work for a consultancy company and we've found an opportunity with a possible client that's using Alfresco 2.1 Enterprise Edition. They're asking to upgrade Alfresco to the nearest edition, but they're not even sure it's possible.

We've browsed around and found a roadmap that says that you can upgrade your way up if your in version 2.2.x, but if you're using a earlier version than that, you have to contact Alfresco Support. We've tried. No answer. Neither in their GB nor Spain offices is anyone answering (maybe the phone's not plugged in?)

Anyways: has anyone had any experience upgrading from version 2.1?


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Re: Is upgrading Alfresco 2.1 even possible?

Upgrading an Alfresco 2.1 instance is possible in general. At my old employer, we did an upgrade from Alfresco 2.1 to 3.4 (via 2.2 and other versions) about 4 or 5 years ago. If you are not familiar with the general upgrade process or the Alfresco architecture for upgrades, then yes, you should contact Alfresco Support. If you have already upgraded Alfresco instances from as far back as 3.x to a 5.x, then you likely have more experience to be better at upgrades than anyone from Support.

Also, you need to be an active Alfresco Enterprise customer to utilise Alfresco Support. As such you should have access to the web based support portal and can file issues there. In all my time that I was working with an Enterprise partner and providing support to customer, I never actively used the phone to contact Alfresco Support. Phone was only used to keep in touch after filing a "production down" issue....


Re: Is upgrading Alfresco 2.1 even possible?

One of my clients is now running 4.2 and the originally installed version is 1.2, so it is definitely possible.

But I agree with Axel. You'll want good support coverage for this and you'll need to do many hops to get upgraded.