Issue with Applying permissions on large folders in ACS v7.x

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Issue with Applying permissions on large folders in ACS v7.x

Hello Everyone,

We are running ACS v7.1.1 in Prod and Non-Prod environments. We have written custom scheduler to update bulk permissions on multiple folders. We have millions of documents inside folders on which we're trying to modify permission (From One role to another, like Site Consumer to Custom role/Site Manager).

Now, while running this scheduler, it takes too much time to execute/add permissions on one parent folder.
Before upgrading to v7.1.1, we were running ACS v6.2.x. We used to modify permissions on folders having millions of documents and never faced any issues. It changes the permission on parent folder and backend ACL fix scheduler was catching up the permissions I believe.

Now, as per my understanding here in newer version, instead of running permission modification in backend, it's running at the same time when we modify permissions. 

Has anyone faced this kind of issue? I have multiple queries on this. Any help would be appreciated.

- Why ACS v7.1.1 is taking much time to modify permissions?
- What changes in permissions have been done compared to v6.2.x?
- Is there any way, we can achieve what we used to have in v6.2.x?
- Why permission changes are not being done in background for v7.1.1?