Issue With Incoming email Concurrency

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Issue With Incoming email Concurrency

We are on Alfresco Enterprise version 4.2.4. We have one folder email alias for incoming emails to alfresco. We have lots of emails that comes this way into system.
Presently the issue is that for some arbitrary case, email preparing fizzles and delivers beneath mistake. This possibly happens when at an equivalent time there are numerous approaching messages from mail worker to in the open air. So this is by all accounts some simultaneousness issue. The INSERT explanation clashed with the FOREIGN KEY requirement "fk_alf_cass_cnode". The contention happened in information base "alfresco424", table "dbo.alf_node", section 'id.

After investigation, it is been discovered this blunder happens while making youngster hub.

In the wake of checking Alfresco code, they have composed this activity in RetryingTransactionHelper. So for what reason doesn't it retry?

How to check if RetryingTransactionHelper is retrying?

Joining full stack follow. Generously help.