Items not showing up in category view

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Items not showing up in category view


I have installed Alfresco 5.2 Community and created a handful of custom categories. Document show up with their assigned categories, however when i pick the category-specific view no item is displayed, as shown below.

I am running solr6. No error shows up in either alfresco, share or solr6 logs.

Additionally, category filter does not appear in search results.

Anyone has any idea?

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Re: Items not showing up in category view

Which version of Alfresco Search Services are you using? (May be relevant for anyone wanting to reproduce / test this)

Did you create the document with the same locale as you are now using to find it? (There is a known issue where different locales in document creation vs. querying results in users not finding a document) - If you used the same browser for both operations and did not change the browser / content language via its options/preferences, then you have used the same locale.

Did you wait for the asynchronous indexing to complete? Listing by category is performing an index query and by default indexing may take ~15 seconds (more if system is under load) to index any changes. So if you have just applied the category and immediately searched, you would not find the document.