Keep only n versions of document in alfresco

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Keep only n versions of document in alfresco

I do not have a need to keep every version of my documents. I would like to limit Alfresco to only saving the last 4 versions of any file. Then completely remove the old files from the system.

I found Keep only n versions of document post but it seems that the AMP Release Alfresco Max Version Policy 0.0.9 · jottley/alfresco-maxversion-policy · GitHub  has not been updated for Alfresco 5.2.e. I don't want to repackage the AMP as some of the comments talk about and run into unexpected problems in the future.

Is there a way to implement this or maybe just a simple script that I can run against the whole database on a frequency that will remove the extra versions?

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Keep only n versions of document in alfresco

You may wish to add comment (and vote) to [ACE-2228] Allow pruning of version history through API - Alfresco JIRA with details about your use-case.

In the meantime, apart from implementing a custom solution, your best bet might be to help test and improve the AMP. I'm sure Jared will be pleased to hear your feedback.