Limitation of downloads (create a new download) API

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Limitation of downloads (create a new download) API

I cannot find detail information about the API /downloads, as the api-explorer doesn't state much

I am wondering what's the limitation of creating that download request, e.g.

  • What's max. number of files I can include in a single request?
  • The returned json contains "filesAdded", "bytesAdded","totalFiles","totalBytes"; I tried use the API but these 4 fields are always returning 0; What are they used for and when would they have values?
  • If I put a node_id of a folder, it creates a zip that included all files under that folder; What is the size limit of it? If the folder content size exceed the size limit, would this create api directly return an error response or I have to check the get api for request status? 
  • What will be the error message if one of the node id is under archive status on Glacier?



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Re: Limitation of downloads (create a new download) API

There is / should be no limit to the number of files / node IDs in a single request, apart from any body-size limits imposed via the Tomcat server or HTTP proxy. As far as I know, the POST request triggers the creation of the ZIP in an synchronous fashion, so it is to be expected that the response to that includes 0 for all those fields. Due to being transactional, you will likely only see updated values on a GET request for the download ID when the ZIP has been created - only at that point will the number of files + size be truely known.

There are no size limits imposed on the ZIP of a folder by Alfresco - apart from the limit implicitly imposed by the storage configuration of the application server. The ZIP file will be created in the temporary file storage space of the Tomcat application server, and if that is limited, the size of the ZIP will be limited by the amount of space available in that space (also potentially affected by ongoing transformations, other ZIP download requests, CMIS uploads which are buffered on disc, etc.).

Using S3 with Glacier is an Enterprise feature. Even though I am working with Enterprise customers and S3 from time to time, I have not had anyone use Glacier, so can't say anything with regards to error messages there. I would advise to test/trial this, and/or check with Hyland Support.