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Link files to another file

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Is it possible to link a file to another file or create a dependency that is one is edited, a prompt is triggered. 

For example, I wish to have a working engineering document, and a PDF of that document only accessible by one department. 

So, if I edit the original document, the read only PDF is changed too, or the user is altered to updated the static PDF. 

The scenario is that the engineering department has working native file formats, while the workshop only have the PDF versions as they only need to read and print.



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Re: Link files to another file


You can create from a document one link to another folder. It's like a shortcut. Please review this post >> [Alfresco feature] Creating links to content - Venzia Community 


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Re: Link files to another file

Long time ago, I got asked to create a simple solution for a requirement just like this.

In that case, the solution was to start a workflow with a simple task for the user, asking him to create and upload the PDF version of the document.

I know it was not the best solution, but as the action required the user action outside Alfresco, that was the simple way the user chose.