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Link Management


our Alfresco version: Alfresco Community v5.0.0

Is there a way to check on which wiki pages a resource from the DMS has been referenced?

We are using the wiki as knowledgebase and include images from the DMS in these wiki pages.

Since we are using it for some time now it has grown quite a lot and images are referenced on several pages, if i know change the image (or other linked ressource) it would be tremendously helpful to see on which pages the resource is used to check if everything still matches.

Similar issue with wiki pages itself, checking which "incoming" links from other wiki pages.

E.g. Page A has in its content the Wiki Link [[Page B]], now it would be nice to see on Page B that this wiki page has been referenced on Page A.

Are there any plugins or ways to achieve these goals?

Thanks for the feedback & suggestions.

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Re: Link Management

There is currently no functionality for back-referencing links to a specific piece of content in the system / wiki. A naive / simple option would be to perform full-text searches across wiki contents to look for a specific NodeRef. Depending on the size / complexity of the wiki content, this may be limited by restrictions on full-text indexing and potentially conversion of text from HTML to plain text (for indexing).

Last year I have spent some time investigating an option to integrate the XWiki rendering engine into Alfresco, which would provide the means to add support for macros and generally some smart post-processing of wiki content (changes) to track such references. Since the wiki is not an important feature for most of my customers, I have not yet prioritised these efforts to fully implement a "better wiki" addon.