Load FTL template in JAVA backed webscript

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Load FTL template in JAVA backed webscript


I created a template file FTL and stored it in a specific folder in Alfresco repository. inside i have a java backed webscript. I want to load the template file into my Java backed webscript to use it to create an XML file.

I use the freemarker API to load the template, i use this method to load this FTL file :


But i still getting this error:

java.io.FileNotFoundException: Template "contentModelTemplate.xml.ftl"

I used the FTL file PATH, and the name of the file as arguement to this method to load the template, but i still getting the same error.

Can you tell me how to fix this, and how to load ftl template file in Java?

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Re: Load FTL template in JAVA backed webscript

You should not use the FreeMarker API directly. Alfresco provides a TemplateService that you can use to invoke template engines, and by specifying a classpath for an FTL file Alfresco will delegate the execution of the template to the FreeMarker engine internally.