Loading during 18 hoors to obtain white page ?!

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Member II

Loading during 18 hoors to obtain white page ?!

Good morning ,

I must prepare an installation of Alfresco Community 5.2.

This monday I launch the cmd with the administration privileges of Windows 10 for my OpenLDAP, for my James mail server , and for servicerun.bat of Alfresco.

I have launched Alfresco this monday at 4PM . The page for the connection has loaded during the nigth. This morning tuesday when I see the loading of the page for " localhost:8080 " , " localhost:8080/share " and " localhost:8080/alfresco " , the page it's white . There any information , and I can't see the logo or information to connect at Alfresco.

I specify there is ANY ERROR in my log files. I have looked all files of log (alfresco.logs, share.logs, catalina , solr.logs ... ). I DON'T SEE AN ERROR , there is ANY " INFO " in those files.

How I can connect to Alfresco and pass this white page ?

I can wait a loading of the connection page in Windows . But wait more 18 hoors it's very scandalous and irate ! It's unacceptable !

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Re: Loading during 18 hoors to obtain white page ?!

Before talking about scandalous / irate we should first identify what the issue is. Too often have I seen incorrect setups / configurations that prevent proper Alfresco usage to accept any kind of outburst before the cause is known.

First of all - Alfresco 5.2 at this point is available only as a Community Edition, when you want to use a version that has official support and a warranty of working, you may want to wait for the Enterprise Edition. Otherwise you should always be prepared that you may have to resolve issues yourself with the open source variant.

Second of all, please attach any log files to the question so we can check them ourselves and help you by providin our insights.

Member II

Re: Loading during 18 hoors to obtain white page ?!

Good morning,

During the step to stop Alfresco, Alfresco has spit . Because of this the logs are out of service. During this issue it's impossible to see there is any trafic between Alfresco and logs.