Looking for a needle in a haystack

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Looking for a needle in a haystack

Hi all!

Any sagestion needing. There is 5.0.0 c server with customisation. No modules, no packagers, all changers made directly in the system. The goal is upgrade to 6.2 with customisations.

What kind of methodology or tools could be useful, including looking the differanses in files from clear copy by diff tools?


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Re: Looking for a needle in a haystack


The product struct is changed from 5.0 to 6.2. There is no other quick way to make an updgrade of Alfresco: take all customizations and create a project with the appropiate SDK. First with 5.0.0.c., then you need to check the path to upgrade according to it.

I know this action will take time (and money) but I think is the only way to ensure you won't lose anything.


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Re: Looking for a needle in a haystack

Thanks Cristina for your kind reply;

I'm interested about what you said about "The product struct is changed from 5.0 to 6.2".

This seems to mean that a big data layout change happened with the new version.


Considering that in the alfresco artifacts, we can see that many new versions of ACS are under development


Is there any new "BIG change" coming with new versions, so that the upgrade to new versions will NOT be compatible with 6.2ga, and it will need many work to fix o reinstall the old data ?


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Re: Looking for a needle in a haystack

Hi @Giuliano 

There is also this 5 > 6 upgrade tutorial.

ACS 7.0 is slated for release fairly soon but regardless of any changes it brings, my understanding is that you will still have to do a step by step upgrade from 5 to 6.2.


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Re: Looking for a needle in a haystack

Thanks Eddie for your kind reply.


I'm now testing ACS6.2 with ansible script installation (thanks to Jpotts!)

Is there a way I can installl WITHOUT docker the ACS 7 beta/alfa ?

I found the artifacs, but no documentation about requirements and install procedure...





Re: Looking for a needle in a haystack

My Ansible approach will work for any version of Alfresco, pre- and post-6.x.

However, the Ansible approach really just automates a manual install. It is still up to you to figure out the difference between configurations across releases.

For example, in their current state, the Ansible scripts install 6.2 community with Search 1.4. If you want to use them to install a newer verison of either ACS or Search, you can, but it is up to you to figure out that the config files are different in the newer releases.

This highlights the main difference between my Ansible scripts and what Alfresco will hopefully release later this spring. In my case, upgrades require some homework. In their case, hopefully their scripts will support many versions and will be able to deal with config changes across releases.