Lucene search not giving appropriate results

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Lucene search not giving appropriate results

I am using lucene search to fetch whose custom property value is null.While I am uploading a document through  RestAPI from postman by sending the nodeType then executing the below query i am geting the result . But while I am uploading from browser I am not getting that node info in search result.Below is my search query

"query": {
"query": "+TYPE:\"ss:material\" +ISNULL:@ss\\:documentNo",
"language": "lucene"
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Re: Lucene search not giving appropriate results

I suggest to stop using lucene search and start using the query language fts-alfresco. lucene is old and i don't think it gets any updates post 4.2 version.

You are setting the nodeType explicitly via RESTAPI, i don't think node type is set to a custom type by default when you upload via browser unless you have some behaviors or rules running in the background to set the node type.

Also, compare the documents uploaded via restapi and share uploader in node browser, and check what you see for "ss:documentNo" property. Check if null value is set via both opertions and property is available on the node or not.

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)