Managing files permission with OpenCMIS

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Managing files permission with OpenCMIS

Hello everyone, i have been working on my final year projet in college, im trying to integrate Alfresco with a java application using OpenCMIS

part of my projet is to manage permissions to certain documents, the way it works  is for a user A to upload a file, then give access to an other user B, then  user B will be able to give access to the same document to an other user C the problem seems to be that only the document owner can manage the file's permission, is there anyway i could permit a cetain user to be able to assign permissions to files they dont own? 

the problem is that its possible to do this through the alfresco share, but keeps giving me permission denied error when doing it with OpenCMIS 


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Re: Managing files permission with OpenCMIS

Hi @skeez & welcome to Alfresco!

There's an interesting answer from @jpotts at StackOverflow on using CMIS to manage permissions. 


Share a document (folder, file etc ...) 
If you just mean you want to adjust the permissions then it may be possible via CMIS.
You could use OpenCMIS to add or remove locally-set permissions.
But CMIS cannot break (or re-establish) ACL inheritance, so if you need to do that,
CMIS won't work.

So this would seem to suggest that you can assign permission on a document to another user.

What I suggest is that you add here the code that you are using - then someone with more knowledge of CMIS than me may be able to see why your call is failing.

Best wishes,



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