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Microsoft Office 365 Connector Remarks/feedback


We've recently set up and debugged a configuration for the MSOffice 365 connector with Content Services 6.2.2, Digital Workspace 2.0.0 and Office Online Integration 1.1.0.
The system is running correctly, but we do have some questions and remarks for which we currently do not have answers. We're opening this case to relay these points.

1. [Usage question] Seeing as the office integration works by saving a working copy to the onedrive of the editing user within the org, what happens if that users onedrive has been filled? are there any saveguards against this scenario in the app, or is this appropriately communicated to the user should it occur?

2. [usage question] The installation manual mentions that the access permissions for the MS azure SPA should be set to 'organization only'. Is this a deliberate constraint, or can the option be raised to 'all ms organizations' safely? We believe our customers will have usecases where they wish to collaborate on documents with users outside of their organisation.

3. [minor bug] We've encountered a case where one of our users did not have the email property configured on their microsoft account (their UPN was formatted as an email address, but the actual property was empty). This resulted in 500 server errors/nullpointerexceptions (EditSessionService#120) in the ooi-service application, which failed to interact properly with office.
The workaround was simply to add the email address property, though it was somewhat unintuitive to find this. We believe its not an unreasonable expectation to assume the UPN would have been enough for the app to function.

4. [minor bug/issue] We've noticed that the system emails from ms online (invite/edit links) end up in the spam box in gmail. Several posts online mention this is an issue between microsoft and google. However we believe that it might be beneficial to that as an integrator, alfresco reports this to microsoft.


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Re: Microsoft Office 365 Connector Remarks/feedback

As the connector is an Enterprise-only feature, I would advise you to use the Support Portal / Hyland Community to file the remarks / feedback and get qualified answers. Or hope that @EddieMay can manage to drag the relevant experts here to answer out in the open.

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Re: Microsoft Office 365 Connector Remarks/feedback


We're having issue configure MicroSoft Office 365 connector 1.1 with Alfresco Content Services 7.2 and Digital Workspace 3.0.0, we see the Edit work online option, but the file can't be opened. Just happen to see your post here, do you mind share the steps on how you configured? Really appreciated.